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DIY 2017 Headband

Ring in the New Year in the cutest way possible! We have created our own DIY New Year's Eve headband. Stand out this year with your one of a kind hair accessory! The best part is, you can totally customize it HOWEVER you want!! Follow along to see what we created. 


What you'll need:

Metallic streamers or wrapping paper



Hot glue gun and scissors 

Gold metallic poster board (to cut out the numbers for the year)

First go ahead and cut out the numbers 2017. After that is done, make sure to cut tint tabs to stick on the bottom of each number. These tabs will be where we glue in order to keep the numbers standing straight up on the headband.

Lay the numbers aside and we will come back to them. Now we are going to want to cute a piece of the metallic streamers/ wrapping paper and fringe the ends. 

After you fringe your streamer/wrapping paper, glue it down on the headband

The metallic fringe will act as the first layer. We will go back in on top with the ribbon and fringe the sides the same way. We wanted to get a tiiiiny bit fancier, and glue the ribbon down twisted to add another texture. 

Once you have all that glued in place, you can now begin to glue the numbers on top. Make sure to space out evenly.

Finished product! 

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