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Chocolate Eggs

Why not welcome the spring with the most cutest, yet delicious sweet treat? We wanted to get in the spirit of spring and fresh air! Who else can't wait to jump into the warmer weather again? In celebration of this delightful season, we decided to make chocolate eggs! Follow along to see just how we created these cuties!

What you will need: 

1. White chocolate melts

2. Food coloring

3. White decorating gel

4. Egg mold (found at local craft store)

5. Basket + edible grass (also found at craft store)


Let's get started!

Step 1: 

Start by melting the chocolates in a bowl. Follow the guidelines on the back of the bag you have. Once melted down, add your first color of food coloring!

We started with a bright orange. Mix in the food dye completely. 

Next, begin to fill in some of the egg molds with this color. We did about 3 eggs per color. You can even add a few sprinkles in the bottom of your egg mold to add an extra little decoration on the final egg!

Do the same steps with the rest of the colors you choose. Your egg molds will slowly start to fill up with a colorful variety! (It gets a bit messy, but no worries! What's a craft without a little bit of mess?)

Once you have filled in all the egg cut outs, place in freezer for about 10 minutes to allowing cooling and hardening. Once cooled, pop em out and place on plate. 

One by one, use the decorating gel to put whatever patterns and doodles you would like on the eggs!

Once you have decorated your eggs to your liking, pop them back in the freezer to allow the gel to cool. Once the gel has totally hardened, take them out and get ready to place them in the basket with the EDIBLE candy grass!! It doesn't get much more fun!

TA-DA!! How cute are these? Give them as gifts, or set out to serve for house guests. 

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