Raspberry Limeade Punch

Who doesn't love a good ice cream float? But nothing beats refreshing raspberry lime punch. I mean what suits summertime better? This will be a huge hit at any grad party, cookout or family get together. And have we mentioned how easy it is to prepare? Yup, this recipe just keeps getting better and better. Let me walk you step by step on how to make this yummy treat that will please everyone!

What you will need:

1. Fresh limes

2. Fresh raspberries 

3. Raspberry lemonade 

4. Lime sherbet 

5. Club Soda 

Start by adding one big scoop of lime sherbet into your chilled cup.

Next, fill up the glass about half way with the raspberry lemonade. Then, top it off with the club soda (chilled.)

Plop a few raspberries on the very top!

Already looks so delicious!

Garnish with a lime wedge on each glass.