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Twig dream catcher

What better way to use your creative outlet other than making a new wall hanging? We recycled some old materials laying around our house to make something dreamy! We decided to spend an afternoon crafting a simple, nature-inspired dream catcher. Wanna get the scoop on how to make this easy room decor piece? Follow along!

What you will need:


-3 small twigs

-Hot glue gun and glue sticks 


Start by placing together the twigs in a triangle. This will be the main piece of the dream catcher. 

Once placed accordingly, hot glue the pieces together in the corners.

For the next step we are going to add the strings in the middle of the triangular piece. Start by measuring the length you will need to get started. 

We suggest you cut the middle string first. This one will be the longest and placed in the center of the dream catcher. Once measured and cut, FLIP the dream catcher over and glue on the back side. This will keep all ends hidden from the front view.

You want to have all ends meet towards the center on the bottom to create the following look. Use the hot glue to hold down both ends. 

Front view:

Next, we will make the strings that hang. Start by cutting 5 strings. You will tie the first end to the bottom of the triangle.

Once secured with a double knot, take your glue gun and glue a feather on the bottom of each string. 

Final product! Hang anywhere. See, we told you it was simple!!