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Winter Escape


Hi Friends!

Chris (@chrispoops) and Meagan (@mlbourne) here, and we want to share about the epic adventure you can have while visiting the Canadian Rockies during winter! From being completely surrounded by humbling mountain peaks, and always minutes away from amazing lake vistas, Canada during winter is a complete dream. These were our top 10 favorite moments!


Spray Lakes

Off the beaten path, barely outside of the town of Canmore, there’s a hidden gem called Spray Lakes. We adventured around this lake for a while and took a ton of photos before heading to our next location to explore.


Lake Minnewanka
& Two Jake Lake

We’ve heard it’s almost impossible to catch Lake Minnewanka while it’s completely still, so when we rolled up to a stagnant lake we were ecstatic! After taking way too many photos, we found a nice place to eat lunch (which consisted of potato chips, mini oreo cookies, and m&m’s… no complaints here!). Then we drove up the road toward Two Jack Lake, which offers stunning views of the lake with Mt. Ruddle as a backdrop (casual).


Lake Louise

To complement Lake Louise’s serenity, craggy peaked mountains recently glazed by snow, hug the crystal blue water and also reflect on the surface. As winter falls deeper into the cold temperatures, the lake will freeze over and is open for an ice-skating experience for visitors.


Emerald Lake

Hidden off the highway, down a long road filled with snow-covered trees is Emerald Lake. The water is known for it’s stunning reflection shots of the bridge, the picturesque lodge and surrounding mountain ranges. It’s a cozy lakeside hideaway for its guests, and by far the most peaceful stop for an early morning sunrise.


Bow Lake

Park Rangers will tell you Bow Lake is one of the smallest lakes in western Alberta, but let us tell you it’s still massive. Wait around long enough for the sun to fall, and you’ll quickly become a bystander of massive mountains reflecting perfectly on the surface of clear blue water.


Peyto Lake

Continuing along one of the most scenic drives on earth, you should find yourself at Peyto Lake. It’s a quick 20-minute hike (through deep snow) to reach the famous Lookout Point, where you’ll notice piles of footprints below the deck widely considered to be the best picture spot. Fortunately, we ran into a beloved National Geographic photographer, Jenn Ackerman, who ended up guiding us to new vantage points and unforeseen sights of the glacier that fed this beauty. Just wait for sunset!


Fairmont At Jasper

When you’re traveling through sub-degree temperatures, we understand that it’s not in everybody’s best interest to car camp. Fortunately, Canada has some absolutely beautiful resorts located in the middle of everything you’d want to see, in particular, The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. A short walk will take you to some beautiful stops!



Ever seen a Class 6 frozen waterfall? Sunwapta Falls, one of the most photographed spots in Canada, has a tiny island with a raging river surrounding it that flows straight into an almost completely frozen waterfall. We wanted to try something new that we hadn’t seen, so we hung a hammock on the treeline, over the walls of the river and staged a few shots “hanging over Sunwapta”.



If you’ve googled “Jasper National Park”, odds are that you have seen the iconic shot of someone standing on the ledge at Athabasca Falls, or perhaps a canoe winding down its curvy river borders. It’s a short drive off the highway and a must see along Icefields Parkway. Ironically, most visitors drive over the bridge not realizing this is where the infamous shot is taken from. We recommend settling down at the end of your day, roaming a few of the many trails along the river, and catching the sunset before you return to town. Just wait til you see the blue water!


Rockies Heli

Experience the Canadian Rockies like never before. An hour helicopter ride weaving in and out of clouds to find yourself with aerial views high above the snow-capped mountaintops is a sight to remember.

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