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Thailand + Bali

Tour Guide

This summer we hit Thailand and Bali with @dMalikyar (See Video Above), and it was so fun we had to go again with @chrispoops and @mlbourne. Below we give you all of our favorite travel tips.


No. 1

The Sunsets

Thailand sunsets are some of the most beautiful in the world, and if you're from the USA like us, it's cool to get to see the sun set in the east instead of the west.

Pro Tip: If you're taking a boat between the Thai islands definitely try to book a sunset or sunrise ride.

No. 2

You can ball on a budget

Live like royalty. You can get a full meal + a 40 oz beer for around 3 USD and a 1-hour massage for 5 USD.

If you are interested in buying something, don't be afraid to barter. It is all part of the fun and is not taken seriously. For example, if they offer 800 baht for a t-shirt, offer something like 100 baht.

You don't need to bring a lot with you - anything you forgot will be there for cheaper. In fact, save a lot of room in your suitcase for bringing stuff home.

Don't change your cash until you're in Thailand- You'll get the best exchange rate there.

Suggested daily budget 25-30 USD

No. 3

Monkeying Around

Don't be fooled- monkeys in Bali are smart af and will pretend to happily eat pineapple out of your hand to distract you while thier friend steals your iphone

No. 4

The City Skyline in Bangkok

Live the high life and don't miss a chance to visit one of the many skybars that Bangkok has to offer. Sip a cold Bintang while you're up there.

You can cover a ton of ground via tuk tuk (the thai word for pedi cabs which are everywhere) and get a really authentic experience.

Pro Tip: Only use ones with a number plate that is white and black or red and black (Government Sponsered) as they are up to 10 times cheaper. Yellow number plates are specifically for tourists.

No. 5

The Waterfalls

Waterfalls are absolutely everywhere in Thailand, but especially in the northern half. Definitely snag a moped and go chase some damn waterfalls.

Pro Tip: If you need petrol- they sell it in whiskey bottles on the side of the road (Looking for a "gas station" will get you nowhere).

No. 6

The Beautiful Temples

Temple run in rl, except you'll have to do it barefoot...

Cover up, take off your shoes, and take in all the details.

Some are in the jungles, some are in the hills. Read the rules of the temple to make sure it's IG friendly.

Pro Tip: Don't leave Chiang Mai without visiting Wat Doi Suthep.

No. 7

The Elephants

When visiting Thailand, be sure to spend your money with a cruelty-free elephant facility. The ones tourist ride suffer from abuse. Why ride one when you can take a river bath and enjoy a nice lunch with them instead?

Pro Tip: Try Elephant Nature park

No. 8

The Sandy Beaches

The waves are so small in Thailand that you can lay in them while you sip your piña colada.

Make sure to drink water out of a fresh coconut at some point- Sometimes they'll cut them right down from the tree for you.

Be sure to catch a full moon party on the beach. And fun hint - there are also half moon parties so you'll be sure to catch a rager no matter what.

Island hopping is easy and necessary. Each one has its own vibe to offer.

Pro Tip: Ko Tao is the divers island and offers the cheapest scuba diving certification in the world.

No. 9

The Rice Fields

Thailand is the biggest exporter of rice in the world. Elephants are trained to drag tree trunks through the fields to flatten them for rice paddies.

In the middle of Bali, a lot of restaurants sit right on the plantations. Fresh fried rice served on a banana leaf? Yes please.

No. 10

Nature Swings

It takes a little while to get into the swing of things so make sure your trip is at least two weeks long.

Southeast Asia has a way of sucking you in.

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