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How MVMT is Disrupting the $60b Watch Industry

A Los Angeles based startup has modernized the way you think about shopping for watches: selling online & shipping them directly to you (for a fraction of the cost).

Founded by two Santa Barbara college students who were tired of paying an arm and a leg for a decent quality wrist watch, MVMT has established themselves as a brand that offers high-quality timepieces that don’t break the bank. “We were frustrated that it cost upwards of $300 to buy a nice watch at a department store,” said co-founder and CEO Jake Kassan. “For most people this is a good chunk of money. We wanted to know why it cost so much.” The duo soon discovered that steep department store prices were actually caused by hidden markup costs…

MVMT Watch Collection
“When you factor in wholesalers, sales agents, and other retail costs, the price can quickly skyrocket. We figured the solution would be to circumvent these costs by selling direct-to-consumer.”
Remarks COO and other co-Founder Kramer LaPlante

Their solution ended up being MVMT, a crowdfunded brand that was dedicated to building quality, affordable timepieces.

Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante

Now in their third year of business, MVMT’s initial goal was to see that quality watches were accessible to anyone. Their first move was to provide free international shipping. By delivering to 125+ countries, MVMT has succeeded in establishing themselves as a global brand, all the while keeping their core focus in mind: expertly crafted watches that don’t break the bank. If you ever have any doubts, MVMT offers an unmatched 24-month guarantee and free returns on all of their watches.

Born Online, We Sell Directly To You

MVMT challenges the way of traditional business.

Our Prices $95+
Sell Direct to You
Grew Organically
Crowd Funded
The MVMT Process
Their Prices $300+
Retail Markup
Traditional Marketing
The Sales Agent
Wholesale Distributor
Traditional Process

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MVMT starts at $95, whereas a comparable model from current big-name watch brands go for upwards of $300. Every MVMT watch is constructed with stainless steel, genuine leather and hardened mineral crystal… the same high-quality materials other brands charge through the roof for. It’s so simple: build a quality product, price it reasonably, and make it accessible to the masses. It’s no wonder this barely three-year-old company is disrupting an antiquated $60B industry.

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