mvmt collabs

Inspired designs by inspiring individuals. Meet our limited edition watch collaborations. 

nyjah x mvmt

Nyjah huston

He’s the greatest contest skateboarder of all time, and now he's the designer behind his first ever watch. Meet the exclusive street-inspired Nyjah Edition. 

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cole x mvmt

jeff cole

Game-changing artist and entrepreneur Jeff Cole is one of the digital world’s most relevant rule-breakers, and we were lucky enough for him to lend his otherworldly artistry to a now-retired limited edition watch collaboration.

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kolder x mvmt

sam kolder

Designed by a day-one MVMT powerhouse collaborator, creator Sam Kolder's limited edition watch takes color cues from the thematic tones in his own imagery, and serves as a reminder to live every day like it’s your last.

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5 year anniversary edition

This limited edition watch is the culmination of design elements our community craves most. Featuring our iconic men’s Chrono Gunmetal watch with rose gold accents, we added a numbered caseback engraving and custom collector’s box, making this the rarest MVMT timepiece to date.

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