That One MVMT Campaign II

The MVMT lifestyle is not something we define. It’s created by you.

Last year, in honor of our anniversary, we asked our supporters to submit clips of themselves living life on their own terms. What we got back blew our minds, turning into our first ever crowdsourced video. This year marks our 5 year anniversary, so we want to do it bigger and better. We need YOU, the MVMT community to submit clips showing us how you do time for That One MVMT Campaign II. Your clip could be featured to millions and you will be credited on our blog!

Co-produced and edited by day one MVMT creator @thatoneblondkid.

Don’t miss your chance to be featured in this legendary project.

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Watch Last Year's Video

To be a part of this you must do the following:

1. Submit 1-3 of your favorite clips

* We love seeing our products around the globe, give us a peek into your lifestyle! Don't have a MVMT product yet? We don't discriminate, you can still be a part of this

* We'll be going through all the footage and curating our favorite clips

* Please make sure to submit dropbox or google drive links only

2. Use #HowWeDoTime on your next Instagram post telling us about the clips you submitted

* We'll be looking at all posts with that hashtag, liking and commenting on them

3. Please submit clips by August 26, 2018

Submission Period Ended

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